ARDEAN Law Chambers is one of the leading commercial lawyers’ firms in the region. Our Office, which is located in the hub of Dar es Salaam, is a full service law firm, providing a full range of legal services in specialized fields of corporate law, commercial law, trade and service mark, tax law (compliance, advisory and litigation), land law, immigration law and debt collection services.


Credit management and debt collection services in Tanzania do not have to be a draining, unpleasant, or costly experience for creditors. Tanzania’s legal system and commercial law practices have evolved over the last few years to help, prevent or successfully resolve, the typical conflicts and disputes arising from modern business practices. To succeed in securing credit sales and in collecting your outstanding accounts in Tanzania, you need the right partner to represent you truthfully and professionally.

ARDEAN LAW CHAMBERS maintains a collection practice equal to that followed by most well-known collection agencies and law firms in the developed world. Consequently, your placement of an account for collection will follow international standards and common best practices for your comfort, security, and ease. Our involvement with your company for the rendering of legal and collection services will also be subject to terms and conditions that are generally followed in the collection industry.

Our collection process is very unique though. Although best practices around the globe do give us a higher consistency in our collection efforts and results, Ardean Law Chambers creates its own “best practices” according to our own legal environment and legal system, commercial practices and other social, economic and political situations that need to be taken into consideration in Tanzania.